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Tiny Tots & Little Stars

Age:  3, 4, 5

Many coordination, rhythm & balance skills are taught which give a great foundation for a technical dance education.

We introduce pre-ballet and pre-tap skills in a very fun atmosphere.

All of our pre-schoolers enjoy many exercise games, finger plays, and fun songs that help produce a love of dance.

(1 hour class)



Ages: 12 years & up

For the serious ballet student. She must be at least 12 years old, sometimes older, depending on her ballet education, maturity & self-discipline, strength and ability. Qualifications are individualized. We encourage every qualified dancer to try for at least a year for the experience. 

(30-45 minutes)

douglasville school of dance

High School

Grades:  9th - 12th

Class choices
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Contemporary
(individual 45 minute classes)

douglasville school of dance

Elementary Tap & Ballet

Grades: 1st & 2nd

Parents really begin to see the reasons for pre-school classes at this age.

Our dancer makes a big transition from pre-school "baby work" to a more advanced level of tap & ballet.

The classes are more disciplined & dance structured.

The dance education is more challenging.

(1 hour class)

douglasville school of dance


Grades: 3rd & up

A high impact class combining fun & energetic moves mixed with up-tempo music!

Consists of freestyle dance with quick choreography.

(45 minutes)

douglasville school of dance

Combo Tap, Ballet & Jazz

Grades:  1st to 8th

These classes are divided by ages/grades. (1st-2nd grade, 3rd-4th-5th grade, Middle School).

These dancers are involved in serious dance instruction in the areas of all ballet, tap and jazz work. The class is held in a strict, disciplined atmosphere which consists of stretching, barre, center floor, across the floor, and much technical work.

(90 minute class)



Grades:  3rd & up

A class focusing on using total body movement & creative freedom to express emotions through dance.

(45 minutes)

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