“Thank you for providing my granddaughters the opportunity to learn dance from the best and most wonderful teachers. The school is such an uplifting place for the girls to learn dance and the Christian atmosphere is awesome and very apparent during classes and recitals. I am always so proud of the recitals – they are absolutely ‘real stage’ quality and as classy as they come. Thanks teachers. ”
~ SANDRA LANE, Grandma of Tabatha & Trinity

“You run the most wonderful program!! I know that your teachers are teaching more than the fundamentals of dance. We see the results of positive motivation, being kind to one another, and of course the great dance technique that Morgan shares with us. I look forward to being a part of DSD for many, many years to come. ”
~ LYNNE COLE, Mom of Morgan

“Keira loves the dance school! We were really impressed with the recital. Because of Keira’s positive experience with your school, she will be definitely be back! Thank you.”
~ ASHLEY GRANT, Mom of Keira

“Thank you so much for another great year at dance this year! I also wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the recital this year…it was so organized and well-thought-out! We appreciate you so much and all that you do for these girls…not only through dance but through the example that you are leading in the music you use, the costumes you choose and the integrity of the choreography!”

“Thank you for another wonderful year! As usual, the recitals were incredible. We appreciate you and your staff so much. We know God will continue to bless DSD because you will continue to honor Him.”
~ ROBIN DUBBERLY, mother of Caroline and Sarah Beth

“Thank you and your staff for doing such a wonderful job with the girls. We appreciate you all.”
~ SANDY HALL, Mom of Jordan

“I would like to especially thank you for giving us a pleasurable evening, during which we could see these young girls and young women express their special talents and passions that the Lord has given them. Thank you for giving the girls a place where they can learn, grow, and see the Lord praised through dance. I think that you are doing a remarkable job and know that you are impacting many families in addition to ours.”

“You are always exceeding in your endeavors to serve the Lord with dance and it is beautiful to watch! Thank you for sharing that love with our girls.”
~ BETH SANTIAGO, Mom of Isabel

“I’m not sure if you, Nicole and the rest get enough thanks for all that you do for all the girls. I know that Hannah enjoys her dance experience and it is because of you. You are a true blessing in our lives and I think you need to hear it more often.”
~ KRIS SILVERS, Mom of Hannah