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"My heart was so warmed tonight after dance class. Cora got in the van after dance and asked me who the richest man in the world was, and I said Jesus. She said "You're right! And did you know we celebrate Christmas for Jesus' birthday?" I asked her where she learned that and she said, "My dance class, they teach about Jesus too!" Thank you all for investing in my daughter not only through dance, but teaching her about the Lord!"
~ Stephanie Brown, DSD Parent

"We love the good Christian environment provided by the school. We don’t have to worry about inappropriate costumes, songs, or dances."
~ Elizabeth Moran, DSD Parent

"My daughter loves DSD. She has been dancing here for 3 years and she gets better every year. The teachers are so sweet and patient with all the kids."
~ Jessica Brunson, DSD Parent

"I was a dancer at DSD for many years and was a member of Kickline! DSD will always hold a special place in my heart. I still remember many of the combinations we learned over 10 years ago and the relationships made through DSD have last long after our final bow. I treasure everything DSD taught me about dance and life! I can’t wait for my daughter to start dancing at DSD very soon and have some of the same teachers that I did! There wholesome environment is what separates them from everyone else!" ~ Hannah Milner, DSD Alumni

"I love all of the teachers and students at DSD and I love all of my friends that I have made at DSD over the last 11 years. My favorite DSD memory is this year at the recital and the dance teachers said that me and my group of friends were the reason for the theme this year and that meant a lot to us. I enjoy all of my classes because I love to see all of my friends in there every Monday and Wednesday. I love the DSD environment, when you walk into the building you are surrounded by love and happiness and you love to see all of the great people there and it feels amazing to be there and being able to do something you enjoy and love working with all of the girls and people there is just a wonderful feeling and experience."
~ Khloe Hulsey, DSD Student

"The quality of the shows, the intentional example each staff shows the students, and the confidence of knowing my girls were safe in your care for all the right reasons. Jill started when she was 4 or 5, which was before Mrs. Sheryl took over. She was always musical and loved to dance. We put Mindy in at about the same age, because she had trouble walking and talking at the same time! Jill was naturally talented, but Mindy was always willing to work hard to achieve whatever she wanted to achieve, and she certainly did. Mindy chose to put Sofi at DSD because she knew she would be taught wonderful classic dance with the protection of a Christian foundation and loving people to guide her along. Thank you for taking such good care of my girls and helping them to enjoy the wonderful world of dance."
~ Thesie Peacock, DSD Parent/Grandparent

"DSD was my home away from home. There was not a time where I did not look forward to going to dance class. It wasn't just about dance, but getting to know each other, and the teachers taking time to get to know each of us personally as well. I took all the classes that I could and would have taken anything that was offered. It was a place where we had fun, but also learned discipline and determination. I still look back on my time at DSD (as a student and teacher myself) and am so grateful for a place where I could celebrate the highs in my life and a place to heal from the lows. Dance was something that I could let all my emotions out, and continue to do today with my boys in the kitchen! Dancing at DSD will always hold a special place in my heart."
~ Kayla Beth Burns, DSD Alumni

"Douglasville School of Dance was my second home for 13 years. I felt so supported, loved and appreciated here by both my friends and my dance teachers. The friendships I built during those 13 years are still a solid foundation for who I am today. The endless hours of practice, laughter, and fun make up a huge part of my childhood and teenage memories. DSD helped me to become the independent, confident, responsible, and kind person I strive to be today. I am still best friends with the girls that were my biggest cheerleaders all through middle school, high school, and college. DSD had such a positive impact on my life and will forever hold a special place in my heart."
~ Savannah Ray, DSD Alumni

"DSD was a major part of my life growing up and the studio was very much like another home for me, since I spent many hours there from the age of 4 until I graduated high school! I feel blessed that I was able to learn many different styles of dance in a caring, Christ-like environment and was given a chance to feel beautiful performing on stage! I feel that I not only gained skills in the art of dance, but in life as well. Perseverance, grace and creativity are just a few of the things that I learned over the years as a result of my time at DSD. I can't forget to mention some of the amazing performing opportunities we were able to do including Children's Healthcare of Atlanta parades at Christmas time, Festival of Trees, and Veteran's Day celebrations!"
~ Hannah Putman Mims, DSD Alumni

"My family has been so blessed by DSD in so many ways over the past 35 years! I began dancing at DSD when I was 7 years old and my parents immediately fell in love with the studio and it’s wholesome environment. They had been appalled by the recital at my previous dance studio when they saw the costume and music selection for young girls and the provocative dances that were performed by older girls. At the age of seven I could feel the difference in the teaching environment as well. DSD instructors were kind and encouraging in their teaching and I felt so much more comfortable learning in a positive environment that made dance fun rather than stressful! I had the absolute best experience as a DSD dancer through my senior year and learned so much about dance, teamwork, self confidence, and how to use my talents to glorify the Lord! DSD became like a second family and I am so grateful for the impact it had on my life. Then, a few years later I got to experience DSD from a parent’s perspective as both of my girls loved dancing there for about 13 years until we moved out of the area. They too loved their time there and I know that it played a huge role in shaping them into the amazing young ladies that they are today! All 3 of us have a lifelong appreciation and love for dance and are so blessed to have been a part of the DSD family!"
~ Heather Hayes Wynn, DSD Alumni/Parent

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